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Bonfire of the Vanities

The story of Sherman McCoy, a yuppie living above his million dollars a year earnings, with his interior designer wife Judy, in luxury Park Avenue. One night, after picking up his mistress Maria Ruskin from the airport, he loses his sense of direction and ends up in the South Bronx. A barrage of garbage on the road, abruptly forces Sherman's Mercedes Roadster to a halt. A skirmish arises, then in a fit of panic, Sherman gets in the passenger seat, Maria grabs the wheel and they spin off, sideswiping one of the youths. They decide not to report the incident, as it would severely impact both their lives. Unfortunately for Sherman, the incident develops into a media frenzy as the boy who was hit, was a young honor student Henry Lamb, ends up in a coma. The cause to fight for justice for Henry is taken up by the community black leader Reverend Bacon who makes it his mission for the rich McCoy to pay the ultimate price. As the plot thickens,  more people are involved in various way