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The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

This is the fifth book in the Millennium Series which I found to be rather mundane and tedious in the way the author focuses at length on plotlines outside the main character of the story Lisbeth Salander, which to me is disappointing.  The book begins with the famous Lisbeth Salander being in prison for her part in the August Balder case, even though all she did was save his life, so to me it is unclear why she went to prison. Throughout the series she maintains the same principles and her character never changes which is a positive thing, she rights wrongs, is against any man who harms women. We see this played out in this book when she takes it upon herself to save and protect in a way a character in the book, Faria Kazi a victim of abuse by her repressive family, mainly her brothers, she ends up in the same prison as Salander for pushing one of her brothers through a window. This is the only plot line where Salander is really involved, other than avenging the death of her former tr

Girl In The Spiders Web

  The Girl In the Spider’s Web: My Thoughts  Book # 4 in the Millennium Series originally written by Swedish writer Steig Larssson and continued by author David Lagercrantz.  The main heroine of the book is Lisbeth Salander who is a strong fighter against men who abuse women and get away with it. The story centers around Frans Balder a swedish computer programmer who decides one day to take custody of his young autistic son August from his mother Hanna a former actress who is unable to cope with the care for the boy and is living with a washed up actor Lasse Westman who was spending the money Frans was sending them on drugs and alcohol.  Balder receives a phone call from law enforcement that he is in danger and is told that he needs to be transferred to a safe location, but he disregards the warnings as he puts his faith into the sophisticated alarm system installed in his house. As he spends more time with August he notices that the boy exhibits savant syndrome, he produces drawings o