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The Prince of Tides

The epic story of the Wingo family living in the Town of Colleton ,South Carolina as portrayed by author Pat Conroy. Narrated by Tom Wingo, a former football coach and English teacher loses his job  following a nervous breakdown after his older brother Luke, senseless and tragic death. He gets a phone call from his mother Lila telling him that his younger twin sister Savannah, a talented poet, attempted suicide a second time and he needs to leave to the New York hospital where she is staying. Tom agrees to go. He meets Susan Lowenstein who is assigned as Savannah's doctor. He stays in his sister's apartment where he makes shocking discoveries that paint a much clearer picture to the reason of her second suicide attempt. During the sessions with Dr. Lowenstein Tom describes the abuse violence and the one shocking , unforgettable event that occurred when during his high school senior year, which contributed to his sister’s suicide attempt. Also, the senseless death of his youn