The Roman Affair

The Rome Affair

The story centers around former lawyer (Cesca) Francesca Hackett from London, England who starts a new life in Rome , Italy to escape from a bad decision resulting in tragedy; then by a strange coincidence loses her tour guide job and immediately is offered a position to write a biography of famous socialite Elena Valentine.

Cesca has many meetings with Elena that opens a world of intrigue, deception and power. It also reveals  that money can only bring a person so much in life.

The chapters alternate between past and present as Elena's life unfurls. We learn about the challenges she faced growing up, the world she was raised in and the many events that shaped her.

The myriad of events surrounding Elena's life from the failed and multiple marriages, the wild parties, the many obstacles she endured are well depicted through Cesca herself as she is drawn into the mystery surrounding Elena. As well, Cesca's surprise romantic involvement with a man she least expected to like. Supporting characters in the story provide clues to Cesca and the reader about the deep dark secrets in Elena's life.

The book serves as a reminder to us that just because you were born into extreme wealth and power, it doesn’t mean life was always easy, and you got exactly what you wanted. Money us not always a price one can use to be happy.

Twist and turns with every chapter, just when I thought I had it figured out, the ending was a real surprise shocker.


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